Cafe Menu

Cosy meals cooked with fresh ingredients and love.


Omelette l RM11.90

Morning Breakfast l RM14.50

Breakie Croissant l RM11.90

Croque Madame l RM11.90

Light Bites

Hello Pastryville Salad l RM11.90

Garden Salad l RM6.90

Mushroom Soup l RM7.90

Potato Wedges l RM7.90

French Fries l RM5.90

Fried Nuggets l RM8.90


Aglio Oglio l RM13.90

Bolognese l RM15.90

Carbonara l RM15.90

Meatball Pasta l RM16.90

Baked Mac & Cheese l RM12.90

Western Delights

Fried Chicken Chop l RM15.90

Cheesy Fried Chicken Chop l RM17.90

Grilled Chicken Chop l RM17.90

Fish & Chips l RM17.90

Signature Burger l RM17.90

Asian Delights

Ayam Masak Kicap

Ayam Nyonya Curry

Ayam Rendang

Ayam Masak Lemak Cili

Ayam Berempah

all @ RM9.90


Espresso l RM8.00

Americano l RM8.00

Latte l RM8.00

Cappuccino l RM8.00

Caramel Latte l RM11.00

Hazelnut Latte l RM11.00

Mocha l RM11.00

Non Coffee

Chocolate l RM9.00

Chocolate w Hazelnut l RM11.00

Matche Latte l RM8.90

Chai Latte l RM8.90

Earl Grey Latte l RM8.90

Tea Series



Earl Grey


Green Tea

Lemon Tea 

Honey Lemon Tea

Peach Tea

Hot English Breakfast


all @ RM8/cup

Ice Blended

Long Black Ice Blended l RM11.50

Cappuccino Ice Blended l RM11.50

Caramel Ice Blended l RM14.50

Hazelnut Ice Blended l RM14.50

Mocha Ice Blended l RM14.50

Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Blended l RM14.50

Special Drinks

Brown Sugar Milk Tea l RM

Mixed Berries/ Blueberry Yogurt l RM8.90

Mango/ Strawberry Tea l RM5.90

Iced Shaken Peach/ Strawberry Tea l RM10

Orange/ Apple Juice l RM11.90

Mango/ Coconut Shake l RM11