| Bringing You The Purest Form of Baked Goodness |

Indulge in freshly baked goods made daily from our bakery, where we supply a variety of cakes and buns to retailers and cafes. 

Feel free to contact us for supply pricing inquiries. We cover Klang Valley and Ipoh as well!

Bread & Bun
Whole Cake & Dessert
Ambient Cake
Hot Food

No Preservative Added Bread & Bun

Cheesy Sausage
Parsley Cheese Stick
Chicken Floss / Spicy Chicken Floss
Baked Chocolate Almond Donut
Pillow Bun - Choc / Choco Cheese / Hokkaido / Tropical
Black Pepper Chicken Bun
Red Bean
Parmesan Chicken Ham / Sausage
Sausage Pizza
Sausage Roll
Baked Sugar Donut
Hot Puff - Tuna, Apple, Curry Potato, Rendang Chicken, Curry Chicken, Black Pepper Chicken, Mushroom, Ikan Bilis, Chicken Pie, BBQ Chicken
French Croissant | Almond Croissant | Cinnamon Cruffin
Sandwiches - Egg Mayo | Tuna | Tuna Chicken | Chicken & Cheese
Bread - White Loaf | Wholemeal Loaf | Hainanese Loaf | Raisin Bun | Scone

Whole Cake & Desserts

Classic Burnt Cheesecake
Pistachar Burnt Cheesecake
Velvet Burnt Cheesecake
Red Velvet
Black Forest
Assorted Buttercream Cake
Swiss Roll - Vanilla | Pandan | Red Velvet
Cream Puff - Vanilla | Custard
Chocolate Cream Puff
Cookie - Choc Chips | Double Choc | Oreo Almond | Raisin Walnut

Ambient Cake

Sponge Cake - Vanilla | Pandan | Orange | Chocolate
Block Cake - Chocolate | Coffee | Pandan | Vanilla
Jam Roll - Blueberry | Strawberry | Coffee
Chiffon Cake - Coffee | Orange | Pandan

Hot Food

Marinated Chicken Chop | Black Pepper Sauce
Tempura Fish
Fried Chicken Chop
Chicken / Beef Meatball | Red Sauce
Carbonara Sauce
Bolognese Sauce - Chicken | Beef
Macaroni | Cheese Sauce
Burger Patty - Chicken | Beef
Wild Mushroom Soup
Pizza Dough | Pizza Sauce
Local Delights - Nyonya Curry | Rendang | Spicy Coconut Milk | Spiced Fried Chicken
Local Delights - Buttermilk | Kam Heong | Kung Po Chicken